Al Pastor Taco Kit

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Serves 4

Prep time: 15- 20 mins

Mexico City's all time fave taco: the mighty Al Pastor! You can make your very own version of this cult classic in your own home. Best washed down with several margaritas, of course! 

Each box contains:

Corn Tortillas x 16
Al Pastor Shawarma 
Charred Pineapple
Salsa Verde
Red Onion
Chilli Lime Salt

Essential Al Pastor Info!

Our handmade 'Al Pastor' shawarma style seitan is infused with ancho, arbol & guajillo chillis, then coasted in our secret adobo marinade. Thinly sliced and cooked, it's accompanied by hand made corn tortillas, caramelised pineapple, salsa verde, onion & coriander - true to its original form in Mexico City. These are some next level tacos! 

If you're new to Al Pastor, he's basically the king of street food in Mexico City :) On every street corner, you will find a street food trader shaving thin strips of bright red marinated Al Pastor from a spinning trompo (spit). It's an awesome mix of cultures and flavours-  the shawarma style of cooking was brought to Mexico by Lebanese migrants, and the Mexicans introduced their punchy chillies and flavours and a true classic, Al Pastor, was born. We don't know who decided to put a pineapple on the top of the spit, let it caramelise and the juice run down the Al Pastor, but whoever did was a bloody genius and we thank them every day!

We've spend over a year working on this fabulous vegan version, so we hope you enjoy it!

Only available at our Soho restaurant & (now) in your home!